Recent Updates
Diorama is a space themed blocky/voxel game. At it's core is a game engine designed for all players to create and share many single and multiplayer games for years to come. My intention is to make my own large games using it.

What you can do with it right now?

  • Play a variety of included game modes in single player and multiplayer.
  • Explore infinitely tall, wide, strange and happy worlds.
  • Create and share new game modes using the programming language Lua.
  • Read and contribute to the existing game modes.
  • Have fun!

What you can do with it in the future?

  • Add rotating and moving blocks to the world.
  • Add logic cubes for visual scripting.
  • Suffer from the weather, seasons and global catastrophes.
  • Build factory rooms to create blueprints.
  • Use blueprints to spawn mobs, vehicles or direct builders.
  • Have even more fun!
For more information visit the FAQ.